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Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel Injector Cleaning
   PRICE: $ 24.00
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Fuel Injector Cleaning Description
To purchase cleaning services, select the feed style above that matches your injectors. Then select the quantity of injectors to have cleaned. After placing your order, include a copy of your printed order along with your injectors and mail them to us. Your credit card will not be charged until cleaning is complete. We will call you prior to returning your injectors if there are any issues with them that would prevent using them for normal operation.
Fuel Injector Cleaning Details

Injector Test Bench

Fuel Injector Standard Service 

Fuel injectors cleaned, balanced and calibrated
Returned in 24 hours
* with a completely detailed, computerized summary

The purpose of cleaning and flow-testing is to 1) remove any contaminants inside or outside the injector that impede fuel flow or degrade fuel spray pattern 2) to accurately measure each injector's fuel flow ability and 3) acquire quantitative data on injector performance the vehicle owner can use in matching injectors or tuning the engine's fuel system.

Any set of fuel injectors will benefit from RC Engineering's clean and flow service, This is even true of new injectors because the individual-injector and system-total fuel flows must be known for performance tuning purposes. It is not uncommon for a set of original equipment (OE) injectors to have an unacceptably wide range of fuel flow and it's possible to even have new injectors that do not function properly. RC's standard testing process identifies those problematic injectors.

The test process is as follows: first, your injectors are installed on RC Engineering's custom- designed-and-built, computer-controlled injector flow-testing equipment. A unique, non-flammable, gasoline-like test fluid is pumped at a precisely-controlled pressure through the injectors while they are pulsed by injector-drivers built into the equipment. The volume of fuel passed through the injector is accurately measured for a set amount of time and from those figures, fuel flow is derived. During the flow- test, the injector spray patterns are visually inspected and analyzed by RC's technicians using both bright room and strobe lights.

After the initial flow-test, your injectors are transferred to an ultrasonic cleaning machine and connected to injector drivers. They are submerged in cleaning solution and pulsed while being subjected to ultrasonic waves. The combination of the solution and the ultrasound aggressively clean the internal and external parts of the injectors.

Finally, the now-clean injectors are reinstalled on the flow-tester and run again. At the conclusion of the test, a printed report is produced. This report lists: fuel flow rates (in pounds-per-hour and cubic centimeters per minute) before and after cleaning, and spray pattern assessments for each injector tested. Also included is the "system balance" number which is the flow difference, expressed in a percentage, between the injectors having the highest and lowest flow rates amongst the lot of injectors tested. The system's total fuel delivery in lbs/hr. and cc/min along with a computation of potential horsepower at three different brake specific fuel consumption rates concludes the report.

The charge for RC Engineering's standard clean-flow-balance service is $24.00 - $28.50 per injector, depending on the type of injector. If overnight shipping is used, the turnaround time is three days.

* We strive for a 24 hour turn around for most fuel injector servicing.  However, there are times when our volume may dictate a 48 hour turn around.  Holidays and weekends are excluded.


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