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Fuel Injector ProCal Service

Fuel Injector ProCal Service
   PRICE: $ 150.00
Fuel Injector ProCal Service
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Fuel Injector ProCal Service Description

Injector Test Bench

Fuel Injector ProCal Service 

Fuel injectors cleaned, balanced and calibrated
Returned in 24 hours
* with a completely detailed, computerized summary

RC Engineering's Professional Injector Calibration ("ProCal") service is aimed at engine builders doing fuel injection design or calibration for motor-sports teams and those tuning high-performance street engines equipped with highly-modified, O.E. electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems or custom-built EFI systems. The main differences between RC's standard and ProCal services are 1) more complex calibration procedures and 2) a more comprehensive test report.

RC Engineering's Pro Cal Service includes strobe light examination of injector spray patterns and oscilloscope analysis of how the injector reacts to driver signals. Here RC's President, Russ Collins, performs spray pattern and oscilloscope testing.

If the customer opts for ProCal service, his or her injectors are tested, using RC Engineering's computer-controlled equipment, over a wider range of pulse widths, usually from .5 milliseconds to continuous flow. ProCal tests injectors at pressures up to 125 psi. Additionally, if variable voltages are used, RC will test injectors at any customer- specified voltage between five and 14 volts.

Most customers specifying ProCal will have the injectors calibrated at the pulse width necessary for wide-open-throttle, maximum rpm operation. From there, RC will work down the power band, testing the injectors at a wide range of pulse widths and fuel pressures.

This type of detail in calibration of injectors is very valuable when designing a computer fuel management system or making significant change to an existing system. Injectors produced by different manufacturers, different injector drivers, varying fuel pressures, and changing voltages each can make substantial changes in fuel delivery. Changing these parameters in combination can leave a tuner with uncalibrated injectors completely baffled.

Pro Cal Service also includes testing of flow volume and rate on RC's new, test bench. Designed primarily for testing injectors for motorsports applications which typically have much higher flow rates than production injectors used in OE or mildly-modified street engines, this bench is slightly more accurate than that used in RC's standard injectors service and is capable of handling a much higher volume of fuel. This new machine is fully computer-controlled and can test four injectors at a time.

RC Engineering's ProCal service, through its computer-controlled test equipment, provides complete data that fully explains and illustrates how the injectors will respond in a variety of situations. Each ProCal report is available on paper, as a Microsoft Excel file on computer diskettes or Excel data files attached to electronic mails.

As the ProCal service is custom-designed for each specific application, prices are available on an individual quote basis. Contact us for further information.

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Fuel Injector ProCal Service