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Fuel Pump Service

Fuel Pump Service
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Fuel Pump Service
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Fuel Pump Service Description

RC Engineering's Fuel Pump Dynamometer

Once you get to a point in engine modifications where more than a 20% increase in fuel flow is required from an electronic fuel injection system, it's time to consider fuel pump modifications or a fuel pump change. The problem comes in trying to decide if a particular fuel pump is capable of delivering adequate fuel flow at the desired pressure and injector duty cycle. This decision may require a dynamic test of the fuel pump under load. For that, you need RC Engineering's fuel pump test service.

RC's custom-built, fuel pump test bench shown above is used for this service. This piece of equipment could be described as a fuel pump dynamometer which can test all aspects of fuel pump operation. RC Engineering's fuel pump test validates the entire fuel pump output range from free-flow to maximum pressure. Each test includes a computer-generated test sheet, analyzing the pump's performance.

For more information on our fuel pump test service, please contact us.

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